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LEV Worming Programme (click to download)

Ensuring that horses and ponies receive appropriate anti-anthelmintics (wormers) is crucial, both to prevent disease but also to avoid resistance to the medication. Parasite burdens can lead to severe disease particularly colic and colitis. However, regular anti-anthelmintic treatment without testing is risky as similar to bacteria and antibiotics, worms can be resistant to wormers if they are overexposed to them. This will make reducing worm burdens in the future very difficult. There are several key points to remember when devising a worming programme for your yard:

  • Worm appropriately for weight (under dosing increases the risk of treatment failure and resistance to wormers)
  • Worm egg counts do not test for tapeworm burdens (saliva or blood tests are required for this)
  • Remember to use good sampling technique to ensure accurate results
  • Only worm when necessary to reduce the risk of resistance
  • Rotate the active ingredients in the wormers used
  • Good pasture management will reduce the need for worming, saving money and minimising wormer resistance

The LEV team recognise that this subject can be a minefield for owners and as such we offer a worming programme allowing us to take responsibility for your horse’s parasite control strategy. The programme includes the follow:

Weighing appointments.
Twice yearly weighs with our portable weight bridge to ensure accurate dosing.

Identifying worm burdens accurately. Regular faecal worm egg counts along including all sample pots provided and reminders issued so that you don’t forget!

Assess tapeworm burden risk. New for 2021 we are now including an annual tapeworm test, in addition to the worm egg counts. 

Best practice strategies to prevent overuse of deworming products. We also include annual faecal egg reduction testing which assesses for resistance to deworming products being used. This has provided us with a very valuable insight and has influenced our advise and how we use our deworming products.

All your deworming products. That's right - our programme doesn't just offer testing and bespoke veterinary advise for your horse; but also we provide you with any and all necessary anti-anthelmintic treatments required to ensure your animals stay healthy but are never overwormed. 

Bespoke veterinary advise. Plenty of advice regarding pasture management strategies specific to your situation.

All this for just £120 a year (£10 a month!). Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

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