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We believe a holistic approach to rehabilitation is essential to reach the best possible outcome following injury or illness. As such we work closely with paraprofessionals; including farriers, physiotherapists and saddlers, as well as offer complementary techniques such as acupuncture to attain this goal with you.

Rehabilitation is possibly the most challenging part of caring for a horse as they inevitably are feeling better and are mentally raring to go, which presents its own challenges. Due to our experience with rehabilitating patients we realise that one size does not fit all and are keen to work with you and your horse to make sure any management plans are practical and achievable. 

Many of our clients may keep their horses in environments that represent challenges, commonly for example, the inability to create secure restricted turnout areas. May be the challenge is the ability to provide multiple treatments several times a day, e.g. eye medications every 2 hours, or walking and hosing 4-6 times daily in lymphangitis cases. Whatever the challenge before you, rest assured we will do out best to provide a solution. 

Often the best solution is to arrange for your horse to stay with us so we can perform the most intensive section of rehabilitation for you. Our clinic and nursing team are ready to help when needed, so if you think this is something that may be useful in your situation, please give us a call and we will talk it through with you.

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Lingfield Equine Vets is situated in the beautiful Surrey Hills area. We are located just north of Felbridge on the A22 with easy access for all equine transport vehicles.

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