Meet Abby-at 41 years young she is one of our much loved golden oldies here at LEV.

Abby sustained a penetrating foreign body to her left eye causing a deep ulcer on her cornea which initially responded well to medical treatment. 

Unfortunately, a few days into treatment her owner became worried about the about of discharge that was coming from her eye and when Lucy went to examine her she discovered that her iris had prolapsed through the cornea. While this is a rare complication of corneal ulceration, the original injury had caused such a deep ulcer that rupture was highly likely.   

Abby is so full of life despite her age so after discussion with her owner we elected for an enucleation (eye removal) which was done this under sedation and local anaesthetic at the practice. She was a superstar and model patient! She handled the surgery with absolute grace and dignity and is now back home fighting fit bossing her equine friends around!