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The trouble with haynets is...

Over the summer we were called to a small Welsh pony who had got himself caught up in his empty haynet when having a roll during the night. By morning, he had been stuck for several hours and was reluctant to get up. Once he did get to his feet he was very uncomfortable, had pigmenturia (red coloured urine) and multiple abrasions over his face, withers and rump.

He had sustained a severe myopathy (muscle damage) from compressing the muscles for such a long time. He needed aggressive intravenous fluid therapy to prevent the enzymes from his muscles causing permanent kidney damage. Despite improvements with his muscles he continued to have blood in his urine which we suspected was due to damage to his bladder or another part of his urinary tract. Thankfully this resolved without further intervention.

He was very lucky to make a full recovery and the owner has been kind enough to allow us to share his story as a warning to others. 
Atypical Myopathy/ Sycamore Poisoning
Outbreaks of Equine Influenza


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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

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