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Sometimes you don't have two seconds in a busy working day to ring the vet clinic just to ask a quick question about opening hours, how to make an insurance claim or what to expect if your horse has to come in to the clinic. May be you got so caught up when you were chatting to us earlier just have just remembered something you needed to ask before your appointment tomorrow, but now it's out of hours. Try having a quick look here at our most common FAQs.

If the topic you want to know about isn't listed on this page, have a check through the menu as we've tried to provide as much relevant information as we can online so you can access it at any time that is convenient for you. Still have found what you need? Drop our office or one of our vets an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Customer Support Questions

Thing about joining us? Strictly speaking we provide complete equine veterinary care across a 30 mile area from the clinic. Having said that we have clients in Richmond, London and Rottingdean, Brighton! Check out our map or ring us to ask more.

Our office hours are 08:00-17:00. Having said that we provide veterinary care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not out source our emergency work, so you are guaranteed to have care from the team that you know when you need it. We believe in being as accessible as possible, so you can find out more about all of our vets, including direct contact details for non urgent enquiries.

We believe in providing you with a professional service coupled with personalised care. At the forefront of this is building and maintaining strong client-vet relationships. It is therefore critical to us to provide you with the vet you want. If you are unsure which vet you would like, our friendly office team will be able to recommend the most appropriate vet suited to your needs for each specific case. We actively encourage direct client-vet contact for non-urgent enquiries; however, emergency veterinary calls are best made directly via the office so we can get your horse treated as fast as possible. 

Financial Queries

Just as we strive to offer a convenient and comprehensive point of care veterinary service, we offer a similar financial service with a prompt payment discount. 5% discounts available to clients who wish to settle their account at the time of their appointment or subscribe to Go Cardless

We encourage clients to settle their accounts within our terms of business, and offer a number of methods to facilitate this. However, we realise life is tough financially sometimes, and unforeseen injuries or illness can lead to significant vet fees accruing in a short space of time. In exceptional circumstances we are open to discussion regarding payment plans, so contact us to discuss your situation and we will do what we can to help. 

For clients who prefer to settle their accounts as they go we accept cash or cards at the visit and we will even reward you with a prompt payment discount. Often forget your wallet? Don't worry, sign up to Go Cardless for a direct debit style method of payment and still receive your prompt payment discount! As we are conscious of our carbon footprint we try to email invoices and receipts where possible, but if you need a hard copy we can do that for you too. Equally with our online payment option you don't even have to remember to post a cheque. Don't forget, you are always welcome to pop in for a cuppa and make a payment in person. Whatever works for you. 

Other stuff

To keep up with our clients' needs we aim to be able to provide as much of our veterinary care at your yard as possible. Having said that, we also want you to have the best service possible; and that means discussing what techniques or procedures are required in each case and where this is best performed so you get the optimum result. Some cases may require stocks; hard standing; a menage; gallops or stabling - facilities that may not be available at your yard.

It really depends on the what your vet is testing your horse for. In many cases we will be able to report laboratory results within 24hrs; however, some specialist laboratories will run samples in batches and so there is a little delay before the results are ready. For accurate advise regarding a specific test, please ask your vet at the time of the sample and we will be able to prepare you accordingly.

We want our patients to have the best level of care, so we are happy to work closely alongside your EDT to ensure any work is safely and thoroughly performed. We strongly advise that you ensure any dental work is being performed by a suitably qualified and experienced Equine Dental Technician, before arranging any visits. Sedation is commonly used in equine dentistry to ensure the mouth is thoroughly examined and treated, although sometimes it may be required if more advanced work is needed, even in the best patients. We are happy to attend the visit and sedate the horse as needed; however, we will ask at the time of booking who is performing the dental work and for what purpose is sedation required. For further queries or to discuss your needs in more detail give us a call.

Many of our clients do not have their own equine transport, so we strongly recommend having a few numbers at hand for times of emergency should you need to move your horse to the clinic for further treatment. If you have friend's with transport you can borrow, fantastic; however, in the middle of the night it can be a tough ask. We have a list of numbers we can pass on to you should you need to arrange transport, who provide DEFRA approved equine transport services. Please ring the office to find out more.

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Lingfield Equine Vets is situated in the beautiful Surrey Hills area. We are located just north of Felbridge on the A22 with easy access for all equine transport vehicles.

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