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Fortunately, these conditions are relatively uncommon in the horse and pony; however, diseases that do occur can be quite distressing for patients and require treatment. Using a variety of techniques including blood testing; urine sampling; endoscopy and ultrasonography, we are able to investigate problems affecting these body systems.

Difficulty urinating is not uncommonly reported in mild colic cases, and is generally not associated with urinary problems; however, blockages of the bladder or urethra can occur as a consequence of stones or rarely, tumours. Bladder, kidney and uterine infections are also uncommon but do occur and require appropriate management. These cases do represent a diagnostic challenge; however, many can be successfully resolved.

If you have any questions or concerns about your horse, please contact us and we will do our best to help.
The gastrointestinal system covers a huge array of organs and associated conditions - from the dental disease and choke to diarrhoea and everything in between! The most common complaints we deal with include:
  • weight loss or failure to gain weight,
  • acute or recurrent colic,
  • altered faecal consistency,
  • liver disease, and
  • gastric ulceration (EGUS).

We have carefully invested in expertise and training within our team as well as supporting them with the latest mobile equipment to be able to rapidly and thoroughly investigate gastrointestinal conditions.

Many patients are bright and well and are examined at home over a number of appointments to address concerns; however, animals may become acutely ill and require hospitalisation, e.g. colic or acute diarrhoea. We have hospitalisation facilities to be able to provide intensive care, including CCTV which we provides us with 24/7 remote access should it be required. Our caring and dedicated nursing team work tirelessly to ensure every patient has the highest standard of care and they are integral to achieving successful outcomes.
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Lingfield Equine Vets is situated in the beautiful Surrey Hills area. We are located just north of Felbridge on the A22 with easy access for all equine transport vehicles.

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